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Best Advice for a Student Going into Their First REU. - Apr 30, 2008 at 9:31AM
Dave Avatar
San Marcos, Texas
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Here's the second contest.  What advice would you give a student going into their first REU or other off-campus research experience.  Submit your advice to this thread.  The three best entries, as determined by the Nucleus Staff, will get something fun from the SPS store.


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Replies to Best Advice for a Student Going into Their First REU.

Re: Best Advice for a Student Going into Their First REU. - Jun 04 2008 5:40AM
Janu Verma
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Dear REU student if you are going into your first REU please follow my advices.Before going at the centre of work go through the website of the Centre and read the web page of your supervisor for the project, this will give you some idea about the Centre and the person with whom you will work for some time and you won't feel there as in a strange place (This usually most of the students feel).Contact your supervisor for planning the project and ask what type of background reading is required, you may ask for the useful books for the same. If you have those books take 1-3 books. Reach there 1 day before the date of the commencement of the programme so as to adopt to the atmosphere. Now after the programme has started, meet your Supervisor and discuss the project. Diring the REU programme, apart from the project, do visit other labs in the Centre and discuss with the students and faculty members about thier research and feel free to ask any question to those people. In the REU programme try to make most of it. Most importantly check the notice board daily and note down the schedule of the lectures.Do attend the lectures in your area of interest but try to attend the other ones also. You will learn a lot this way.Take notes of the important points in the lectures.In a research centre, you will have access to a number of national and international journals, do check the journals periodically and if something interests you either take a photocopy of the same or save the soft copy inyour pendrive or the laptop.Use as much resources as you can, and reap the maximum intellectual gain.Keep in touch with other REU fellows and discuss about their projects.Do discuss your future plans with your supevisor and senior students there and seek their guidance. And last but not the least remain cool during the programme, don't put much stress on youself and enjoy your stay at a reserch centre.

Re: Best Advice for a Student Going into Their First REU. - Oct 28 2008 3:07AM
Nate Williams
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My advice for an REU participant would be to become as familiar with your mentor and his or her colleagues as possible. Your mentor will be the one who knows you, your work ethic, and your ability to deliver results the best. As such, he or she will be the one who writes letters of recommendation for you in the future. Also, he or she and his/her colleagues will often times be on a graduate admissions committee. They will be the ones who decide who gets to enter their graduate program. Building that rapport prior to applying will give you a big advantage over other candidates.

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