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Spherical Chickens - Mar 24, 2008 at 12:35AM
Jim Efrosinis
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A farmer notices his chickens ar getting sick, he calls in a physicist to help him. The physicist takes a good look at the chickens and does some calculations, he suddenly stops and says "Ive got it, but it would only work if the chickens were spherical and in a vacuum."
Can someone explain in lamens terms why this joke is funny?

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Re: Spherical Chickens - Mar 31 2008 1:04PM
Thiess Cunningham
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This joke is hilarious because physicists to analyze situations super simplify, basically we simplify the situation as much as possible.  For example when the Si wave function can be dependent on x, y, z, and t, the problem is simplified to just (x,t) or even just (x).  So in the case of the chickens he probably wouldn't figure out why they are sick but he still simplified their moments of mass and took away wind resistance. l0l

Thiess Cunningham

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Re: Re: Spherical Chickens - Jul 19 2008 12:28PM
Felix Lin
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As Theiss said, the humor lies in the audience's ability to say, "Oh, those wacky physicists, always simplifying things."

It's probably not a good joke to tell someone who isn't acquainted with what physics calculations involve.

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