How To Get A New Physics Advisor

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We Need Ideas
Shakeel Dalal
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So at Purdue we have a fairly incompetant physics advisor. Coupled with that is a very strong beauracracy. Now, we've filed a complaint and the department head is seeming fairly receptive. However, its looking like they're going to wait until the next time classes are scheduled to see how badly she screws up again. The problem is that her incompetance is a central issue that I'm fairly certain encompasses a vast majority of her personality. She assumes she knows best, and likes to tell the students to be quiet and let the adults do whats best for them.

The problem with this is 1) There are people who have graduated late because of her. She really doesn't know what she's doing and its a serious problem. This is the 3rd department at Purdue she's worked for.
2) The bureacracy at Purdue is strong and protective of its own incompetance. I don't think the department will get rid of her. And its not that I really want to get rid of her, this isn't a vendetta. She's just fundamentally incapable of doing a better job.
3) I'm done being SPS president in March/April. I can't trust my successor (whoever that is) to be as proactive/determined on this as I am, but it is definitely within the interest of physics majors that we get a new advisor. And I'm already seeing mild signs of "We'll do it later/never/let them forget." from the Physics department and I can't let that happen.

As of right now, my best plan to force them into action is a civil disobedience system -- we'll simply refuse to speak to our current advisor. However, I'd really rather not do that. It'd put me in a bad relationship with the department and cause more fighting between our chapter and the department than I'd like to see. But I WILL do it if I have to. The question I ahve is: Does anyone have better methods to force the department's hand?

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