Anger Management…Jack Nicholson Cracked It, Now its Your Turn

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How Ironic Computational Physics isn't considered part of Physics - Aug 3, 2011 at 1:31AM
Jane Roberts
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I have done Bsc. Hons in Computational Physics and my university doesn't give me an equavalent certificate certifying that computational physics is physics. My university claims that computational physics is a separate subject than physics. Even though I have read all over the internet that computational physics is branch of physics. Does any of you doing computational physics suffers from the same prejudice? We don't get jobs which are related to physics.
How stupid is this?

Anger Management…Jack Nicholson Cracked It, Now its Your Turn - Sep 12, 2007 at 2:41AM
Benedicta Dolson
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Hi all. Last month I watched Jack Nicholson starrer (what an actor! A delight for psychologists for his choice of roles...the crazier the better!) 'Anger Management', pretty late you might say. Quite intriguing, not the movie (it was a whole bunch of not so funny jokes,) but the topic, it did touch some raw nerves, this being current hot topic of discussion in the psychology fraternity.

Being a psychology teacher I receive a lot of queries these days about this anger management stuff. I am not really surprised given today's competitive, deadline ridden environment. It results in lots of stress no matter if you are winner or loser. In this stress ridden world we are becoming more and more intolerant. We are forgetting the basic tenet "To err is human" leading to uncontrollable anger. This anger can result in:

• Broken marriages and other family relationships off-course.
• Lost business.
• Vicious cycle of anger leading to increased stress and vice versa.
• Mistakes because anger makes it harder to process information.

Being a theoretician and (sometimes) practitioner of psychology I can safely suggest following steps to keep the temper in check:

• Talk about your feelings - find a trusted friend or adult to help you one-on-one basis.
• Whatever you do - express criticism, disappointment, anger or displeasure -  Express yourself calmly without losing your temper or fighting. Ask yourself if your response is safe and reasonable.
• Listen carefully and respond without getting upset when someone gives you negative feedback. Ask yourself if you can really see the other person's point of view.
• Work out your problems with someone else by looking at alternative solutions and compromises.

This is just a glimpse to what are the implications and solutions to the uncontrolled temper. For detailed discussion on stress management, anger management tips, online psychotherapy visit In my next posting I will cover anger management techniques for kids.

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