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Hello, Greetings, Background, CV, Resume, Lifeline, Lifestory, Poem - Apr 15, 2007 at 7:33AM
Ron Price
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1. A Poem I Wrote:

My writing is remorselessly and, I like to think, glitteringly intent on diagnosis. The glitter of invention is, for me, everywhere and it is linked with and provides a distinctive literary identity, a creative abundance. For some readers I'm sure this is the case, but not for most. For most who chance upon my writing, though, the affect on them is enervating as it is for me after a long day of writing or even periodically in the course of any single day. I like to think my literary venture is gallant and ambitious, even if it is not really successful in the marketplace. My unremitting concern for detail, for analysis and for comment is not everybody's and my advice to many would-be readers is to take my writing in small doses.-Ron Price with thanks to Vincent Buckley, "The Novels of Patrick White," The Literature of Australia, editor, G. Dutton, Penguin, 1972(1964).

I create a world, too, Patrick;
I want to show extraordinary
things behind the ordinary,
the mystery and the poetry,
to transcend the tensions and
explore my world by words.

No mere surface impressionism
but passages, words, vibrant with
significance growing out of profound
numbness and pervasive inarticulateness.


1999-2007-Writer/Poet: George Town Tasmania
2002-2005-Program Presenter, City Park Radio, Launceston
1999-2004-Tutor and/or President: George Town School for Seniors Inc
1988-1999 -Lecturer in General Studies and Human Services West  
                    Australian Department of Training
1986-1987 -Acting Lecturer in Management Studies and Co-ordinator of
Further Education Unit at Hedland College in South Hedland, WA.
1982-1985 -Adult Educator, Open College of Tafe, Katherine, NT
1981 -Maintenance Scheduler, Renison Bell, Zeehan, Tasmania
1980-Unemployed: Bi-Polar Disability
1979 -Editor, External Studies Unit, Tasmanian CAE  
Youth worker, Resource Centre Association, Launceston
Lecturer in Organizational Behaviour, Tasmanian CAE
Radio Journalist ABC, Launceston
1976-1978 -Lecturer in Social Sciences & Humanities, Ballarat CAE, Ballarat
1975 - Lecturer in Behavioural Studies, Whitehorse Technical College,
Box Hill, Victoria
1974 -Senior Tutor in Education Studies, Tasmanian CAE, Launceston
1972-1973 -High School Teacher, South Australian Education Department
1971 Primary School Teacher, Whyalla SA Australia
1969-1971 Primary School Teacher Prince Edward County
Board of  Education, Picton, Ontario, Canada
1969 Systems Analyst Bad Boy Co. Ltd. Toronto Ontario
1967-68 -Community Teacher, Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Frobisher Bay, NWT, Canada
1959-67 -Summer jobs from grade 10 to end of university
1949-1967 - Attended 2 primary schools, 2 high schools and 2 universities in Canada: McMaster Uni:1963-1966, Windsor T's College: 1966/7.
1944-1963 -Childhood(1944-57) and adolescence(1957-63) in and around
Hamilton Ontario.

I have been married for 37 years. My wife is a Tasmanian, aged 60. We've had 3 children: ages in 2006-41, 36 and 29.  I am 62, a Canadian who moved to Australia in 1971 and have written 3 books--all available on the internet.  I retired from full-time teaching in 1999, part-time teaching in 2004 and voluneeer teaching/work in 2005 after 35 years in classrooms.  In addition, I have been a member of the Baha'i Faith for 47 years. Bio-data: 6ft, 225 lbs, eyes/hair-brown, Caucasian. See my website for more details at: and go to any search engine and type: 'Pioneering RonPrice' or 'RonPrice Poetry' for additional writings.

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Re: Hello, Greetings, Background, CV, Resume, Lifeline, Lifestory, Poem - Aug 31 2007 1:53AM
Ron Price
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Four months after posting the above "intro", let me add that I have found in these years of my retirement from FT, PT and most volunteer work--and after reflecting on years and years of writing resumes--that:
PROFESSIONAL AND BAHA'I RESUMES can be integrated and I have posted a lengthy integration statement of which the following is just the preamble and a few opening notes:


In addition to my professional resume found below, my Baha'i resume is also found here(Appendix C), as is a list of subjects I taught while lecturing, tutoring and teaching in post-secondary schools, colleges and universities(Appendix B) and a basic bio-data sheet(Appendix B).  Once used to apply for jobs from the early sixties to the early years of the new millennium, this evolving set of documents, altered more times over the last 45 years than I care to try counting, is now an archive that I update occasionally for internet use in these first years of my retirement and late adulthood, 2004-2007.  I use it now in one of a multitude of forms on the internet.

One's professional resume and the statement of one's Baha'i experience has become, in the last decade or so, a potentially integrated document for Baha'is around the world.  Each Baha'i utilizes their resume, their curriculum vitae(CV), their lifeline, lifestory, personal-life narrative in their own unique ways. Their document, outlining their qualifications and experience, has an immense teaching value in its own right especially as this Faith sheds its preoccupation with conversion, establishes its credentials far beyond anything that humanity understands by the word "religion" and focuses its public message in paradigms outside the exclusivist religious categories, the "us and them" intrusions, that it has had in the past.

Each person, as I say, writes "their story" and outlines their "resume" in their own way. A whole industry has now grown up around the process.  What follows is, not so much a model, for there are dozens of models now and readers here are in no need of yet another model for the industry and for their lives. It is the integration of the professional and the Baha'i resume that I am making a stab at in these retirement years of my life when I no longer apply for jobs, but when I utilize the internet for all sorts of public and Baha'i information dispensing.  There are Baha'is around the world, many hundreds I am sure, doing the same thing in an immense variety of ways.  What readers here will find is but one man's experience.

I post this document here for youth who are just setting out on the road I have travelled and others, young adults and those in middle age, still travelling on the road.  This is not a "fixed document." It is used in many ways, in many formats, many sections and sub-sections.  May it be of some use to others. –Ron Price, George Town, Tasmania, 28 August 2007(



1.0 My Roles In Life:

A. The Ascribed Roles I have had in life: grandson, son, nephew, cousin, half-brother,  father, step-father, uncle, step-grandfather, step-father, husband, male, among a long list of other possibilities used by developmental psychologists.

B. My Achieved Roles in life: writer, poet, essayist, author, journalist, teacher, lecturer, student and many other roles found in section 4 below at different times since beginning my employment life in 1961.


2.1 Articles and Reviews: Journals/Websites

1.*Essays, Interviews and Articles on the Internet at:
1.1 The Baha'i Academic Resource Library/Baha'i Library Online has many categories of my writing and over a million words posted there from 2002 to 2007; and at
    1.2 An estimated 4000 other sites containing several million words, 2001-2007
2. * "A History of the Baha'i Faith in the Northern Territory: 1947-1997," Northern Lights, 32 Instalments, 2000-2003.
3. * Periodic Articles in "Newsletters," Regional Teaching Committees of the NSA of the Baha'is of Australia Inc., 1971-2001.
4. , Vol.2, No.1, 1986, pp.3-4.
That's all folks!

Re: Hello, Greetings, Background, CV, Resume, Lifeline, Lifestory, Poem - Jun 23 2010 4:40AM
anna bie
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Nice poem :)
Hi I'm Anna

Jobs in USA

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