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Hello? - Mar 22, 2007 at 3:26AM
Thomas Wallace
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My name is alex, Im from chico. I just declared a minor in physics the other day and joined SPS all in one breath. I guess you can commit me now :D

anyways, theres not much to put here.

I've been trying to figure out where I could find a new forum. See, I used to post on a 240sx forum (for those who arent familiar with cars or drifitng, its a nissan), then I went through another phase of my life and posted mostly on a forum devoted to ethobotanicals and psychadellic experiences. Most recently I became a member of an asberger forum, but found that it wasnt really helping with anything, and sometimes had a negative effect.

So I asked myself what I needed in a forum. What I came to find, is that I needed a place with like minded people, and since I really love physics and engineering I figured why not check the SPS website for a forum. And here I am.

BTW my major is Mechatronic eng and I currently attend CSU Chico as a sophmore.


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