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A bit behind the rest - Jul 2, 2004 at 3:13PM
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So I must be one of the few interns that has
yet to post things to this nucleus thing.  
As sad as that is I find it very easy to
forget with the memory that was blessed to
me by my father.  Anyway as for the summer.  
I, as most of you dont know, am currently
interning with AGU (American Geophysical
Union, if its in the Solar System it belongs
to us.)  where I am currently making a CD
for the magazine Earth in Space.  Never
heard of it, yeah me neither, it is a geo-
science magazine that is younger than I,
only by a little.  Basically all that means
is that is started in 1987 (I started in
1984) and stopped in 2001 (whereas I am
still kickin to this day, and hopefully the
day after).  Also it required a subscription
and normally was only subscribed by teachers
and future teacher wannabe's, but there are
always exceptions to that rule.  To make
this CD I have had to endure reading all the
articles, and let me tell you there are
massive amounts when you have 110 issues
with about 10ish articles per issue.  So
after that oh so great time, I was then able
to start converting them into html.  Which I
will tell you was a complete mystery to me
and a fun little adventure as I played with
various programs such as Adobe Acrobat,
Word, and Mozilla.  Currently though I am
actually able to prove that I am working as
the CD layout is slowly, but surely, coming
through.  I have about two and a half issues
posted to it, with working links and
everything, and have more then I would like
to think about left to put up into the
monster.  Unfortunately there is no quick
way to do this and I may discover after a
meeting I have on Tuesday that I have to go
back and redo stuff because it wont be clean
enough code, or I need to rename things.  
Basically if I dont get lucky I will have to
at the very least redo all the linking that
took me a while to learn.  For all you
computer html savvy people, I know that
coding is very simply, but when first
learning it you barely know how to create a
new document, and it only gets harder before
it gets easier.  As for the rest of my
spiel, I have two friends that are visiting
me.  Kristen and Angela, the Kristen is
actually interning at the Capitol with some
senator (they all run together after a
point), but the later, Angela, is coming
just for the fourth and then leaving Monday
morning.  I will attempt to remember to
update this thready thing and keep all
twenty people in the world that read these
updated.  Well thank you twenty people for
hopefully reading this, if less than that
check in on me at least I will have fewer
people judge me on my horrid grammar and
sentence structure.  Have a good one
everybody and Ill be rambling again here
soon enough

Brett :D

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