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The SAGA continues - Jun 25, 2004 at 4:59PM
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The Saga continues...
Yeah, another week has just passed and man
was it quick. The days seem to go fast these
days-I guess it's that time of summer where
before you know it, you're back at school!
The week wasn't that exciting but each day
had its rewards together with its setbacks.
Friday night, I met with some of my former
high school buddies and had a good time. The
next day was the Smithsonian trip with Jack
and Gary. I could frankly say that it was a
day spent well. I got a kick out of the
Planetarium show at the NASA museum,
especially the Infinity voyage through the
Galaxy! It was very informative as well as
entertaining. I was immersed in the
experience. The Wright Brothers gallery was
also something worth of mention. We ate at a
McDonalds store inside the museum, which was
overly priced if you ask me! See, the thing
is I work at a McDonalds store for a part
time gig and I guess I'm used to like paying
like half the price for every meal. Thus
when they ask me to pay $8.00 for a Big and
Tasty meal, I freak out! It was RIDICULOUS
to say the least. The dollar menu was
nowhere to be found. Funny, where did the
dollar menu go? Somethin's fishy, hmmm or am
I trippin'....
I went to the African History Gallery and
the Buddha Gallery, which were very well
exhibited in my opinion. This made up
Saturday on the large. I was not feeling
well later on that day so I went to bed
early! (I know, it never happens on
Saturdays but a man's gotta do what he has
to do!)
The Coalition for National Science Funding
CNSF was on Tuesday evening at the Rayburn
Bldg at Capitol Hill. Matt and Heather, the
interns at MRSEC were presenting so Allison
and me went to support them. There was a
very exquisite reception together with a
plethora of famous faces. We met a lot of
VIPs so to speak; from school presidents to
NSF chair people to organization CEOs to
Congressmen. That was a very encouraging and
eye-opening event. We had a good time.
Other than that, I caught flu through the
week and made my days just miserable.
Coughing, sneezing, congestion- you just
name it! I was really nauseated. But I think
its healing now! Well this should be the
Punch line, I'm our B.....

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