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Science & Movies - Jan 25, 2007 at 5:01PM
Brianne Sanford
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After a hectic day of classes, the easiest way for me to relax is to catch independent films, but sometimes i try to debate wether movies abuse our beloved science. For example I just recently saw a preview for this movie called Elvis and Anabelle, and somehow a mortician brings a beauty queen back to life, and it's not science fiction. To top it off it just got put in one of the major film festival this year SXSW. Check it out and tell me how you feel

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Re: Science & Movies - Feb 01 2007 8:48PM
Veronica Mars
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I second the notion of relaxing after classes with a movie, but i tend to go with the more mainstream movies, though i catch an indie every once in a while.

I checked out the trailer you pointed out and I don't think it's trying to say there was any 'science' involved in bringing the girl back to life.  I think it's supposed to be this big fated/magical occurence that totally changes their lives.  It looks like a somewhat darker, big-kid romance dramedy- and I actually recognized the girl- her name is Blake Lively, and she's done a couple big Hollywood movies- Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Accepted I know she was in for sure.  I like her- if it comes my way, this might be my yearly dose of indie.

Re: Re: Science & Movies - Mar 02 2007 4:46AM
Brianne Sanford
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Thanks Veronica. That helps a lot. For Spring Break I am atually going to SXSW. There website kind of gave me a better idea of the movie. Now that you mention I do think that i remember her from the siterhood of the traveling pants.

Re: Science & Movies - Aug 30 2007 12:46PM
Ron Price
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I only saw your post tonight for the first time. I have not seen the film you mention. When, and if, I do, I shall get back to you. I don't actually see may films any more--unless they are shown on the box after about 8:30 in the evening. But thanks, anyway, for your response to my post.
-Ron Price, Tasmania

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