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- Jun 11, 2004 at 3:04PM
Anthony Moeller
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It's been a very busy first week. I woke up
at 3:00 on Sunday morning in order to catch
my flight out of Cedar Rapids, IA at about
6:30. I arrived at the airport in Washington
a little after noon, and from there I took a
taxi to George Washington University where I
checked into my apartment.
On Monday morning I went to ACP with the
other interns for orientation, and then in
the afternoon Joe and I went to NIST, which
is where I am working this summer. I am
working with John Suehle on molecular
After a group meeting on Tuesday, I spent
the next three days learning how to make
different electrical measurements and
learning how to do work in the clean room. I
have learned that you have to be really
careful when making measurements on the
devices that I am working with, as
electrical contact is made with small
needles, and you have to make sure that you
have electrical contact without scratching
the device.
Thursday night I went with Allison and
Christine to view Ronald Reagan's body in
the rotunda of the Capitol. We waited in
line for six hours, but I feel that the
experience was worth the wait in line. We
happened to be in the rotunda at the time of
the changing of the guard, which was also an
interesting experience.
I did not have to go to work on Friday
because all government agencies are closed
because of Reagan's funeral.

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