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Joe's First Week - Jun 11, 2004 at 2:45PM
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I arrived at the intern apartments in
Washington D.C. a little after 7 on Sunday.
I was the last to arrive out of the day and
got to immediately meet everyone. After some
unpacking we decided to go eat as a group
and walked through some of downtown stopping
to eat at a nice Italian restaurant. The
walk was a very nice way to take in the
realization that this huge city is going to
be my home for the summer. After dinner
everyone finished settling in and went to
Monday morning I had to get up at 7:00 A.M.
in order to be ready for the ACP at 8:00
A.M. The metro was the real "welcome to
D.C." I thought it would be. It's crazy, but
efficient. The whole morning and afternoon
we got to meet Gary, Liz, Tracy, Jack and a
whole slew of other people that work at the
ACP building. After meeting everyone at ACP,
we split up to go to our respective places
of work. Liz drove Anthony and me out to
NIST where we got to repeat the tour and
introductions procedure again. We were
introduced to our research leaders John and
Ganesh (Ganesh being mine). After everything
at NIST Anthony and I caught the NIST
shuttle to the metro and went back to our
apartments. We have an hour and a half
commute each way to work, but it's really
not that bad because there is plenty of time
to wake up and read on the metro.
The rest of the week went smoothly. I fell
right into place at work doing some paper
research on the processes and techniques
we'll be using in our research and I got my
fun federal badge to let me into the NIST
buildings and given labs/rooms. I'm allowed
to where jeans to work and I thoroughly
enjoy that. All of the interns are fun and
easy to hang out with. We've already had
some good times on the metro carrying our
groceries back, and our daily trips to
Pentagon City for things we forgot to pack
or simply need are priceless. I think this
is going to be a very fun summer. That's it
for this week.

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