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The Plan - Jun 9, 2004 at 3:02PM
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Ok! I'll go next then! This is Kb and I'm also an intern working at the AIP this summer at the ComPADRE project getting new ideas for this very own website-Nucleus. So far, everything's going smooth except the Metro- Man it gets so busy at some stops that its virtually impossible to get in and outta the trains without having to push somebody in the process. But it has its rewards, meaning I get to work in a lively atmosphere with staff always extending their hands to help you! That's a PLUS! I say I could envision this being a very worthwhile experience.

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First Update - Jun 11 2004 3:36PM
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I got up at around 7:00 A.M; the Monday blues you might call it, for the first day of Work. After a somewhat smooth commute through the metro, we landed at College Park-ready and on the go for orientation. After brief introductions with the crew, we had a chance to visit the different organizations located at the American Center for Physics. We toured the AIP (American Institute of Physics), AAPT (American Association of Physics Students),AAPM (American Association of Physicists in Medicine) and APS (American Physical Society) all located in the same building. We also visited the Bohr Library which housed a unique collection of physics materials including photographs made accessible for physicists. After a brief stop to talk with Human resources Department, we headed off to meet with our respective mentors, mine being Tracy Shwain. After work, I was by my own. I almost got lost at the Metro Station but with my quick thinking, I was back on track! Yeah, That's How we do it where I'm from!!!
Tuesday was less hectic and I had no problem of finding a project to get into. The projects I'm involved in seem to be a lotta fun so I'm psyched up about them. We met the vice-president of the Physics resources department, Dr. James Stith, who was very entertaining to say the least. the After a considerably busy day, I reached home hot and tired from the sizzling sun only to find out that the rest of the interns were planning on going grocery shopping. I knew I didn't have anything in my fridge so I tagged along, tired yet still moving. The highlight of the day for me was meeting one of my high-school buddies at the metro escalator in Pentagon City. We chilled for a minute reminiscing about the good ol' times. After that, took a whole load of groceries in the metro!! I called this the WRAP of the day; funny thing- the menu on Lunch specials for the day was a Wrap! lol!
Wednesday was a work day. I met the Editor of the ComPADRE, Dr. Dave Donnelly via the phone and interchanged very interesting ideas about plans to renovate the Nucleus as well as the ComPADRE. Tried to make it for the Regean procession at the capitol but we got lost a few times not to mention that we had left GW late so we pretty much couldn't do anything but wonder around and view the white house from the outside.
Thursday, man, it was all about work! I had accomplished a lot today, putting out surveys and having it edited by Dr. Roman Szujko from the statistical department. Got paid but couldn't deposit it because my bank is no where around the east coast. That was the bad news as Liz put it, and it sure was. Did a bit of touring and went out to eat at TGIF with the other interns; had a good time I must quite add.
Friday, what will it bring! Now that's the question of the day but I have to submit this journal before I start on my venture. Well I guess you have to wait till next week to find out! Hey Sorry!

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