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First week at AIP - Jun 10, 2004 at 2:13PM
Heather Lunn
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What's up?  My name is Heather Lunn and it
is my first week at AIP.  I have learned so
much this week it is unreal.  The first day
I met so many people (many of who are
extremely important) and I still don't
remember all of their names!  I feel really
wierd having my very own cubical and all,
and I work in a beautiful building.  I have
had to learn which direction each line of
the metro is headed in or go the completely
wrong direction, which I feel that everyone
must do at least once.  One of the biggest
things I have learned so far is that I may
feel compeletly overwhelmed with tons to do,
but haste makes waste, and if you only want
to do it once, take your time.  
Fortuneately, I learned this the easy way! :)
Before this year I was not real big on using
e-mail because my school sends out these
junk student mail things that just clog up
my e-mail, but using it at AIP is
essential.  I will be representing AIP at
the CNSF event on June 22 along with another
intern and I have learned volumes about the
programs already.  Beware world: AIP is out
to change everyone's view (children's too)
about how and what science really is. They
are also working their butts off to improve
our science and math teachers across the
nation.  This is very important to me
because I know what it is like to have a
horrible teacher for a subject that is very
important to me.  In other words, I am very
excited to go to the CNSF event at Capitol
Hill in DC.   Boy, the coffee is good here,
and free too!!  Well, time to get back to
work, meetings to attend, more people to
meet and notes to take for CNSF!!

Under the Stars,

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