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SPS...you got game? - Mar 23, 2004 at 1:57PM
Dr. Karen Williams
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If you don't know the World Year of Physics
is 2005...100 yrs since Einstein's 3 great
papers.  Does your SPS chapter have game?  
Does it just oooze physics is fun???
SPS MUST be a world player in this event. We
are going to show the rest of the physicists
how it is done!  March Madness is here, let
2005 be the year of Physics Madness!!!!  SPS
Chapters will be doing outreach, dressing up
like Einstein....the list is endless.  The
international community is even seeking our
help in transmitting a light signal around
the world on the date commemorating
Einstein's death.  It begins in Princeton-
Gary will bring more details later.  We
can't let that light die here in the U.S.
Please, follow up this thread and tell
everyone what YOUR SPS and/or department are
doing to promote physics to your 'world'
wherever you may be.  (If you give me
permission, I may communicate/publicize your
activities at meetings I attend.).  
...your SPS President, Karen Williams

Professor of Physics AAPT Fellow (2014)

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