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Edmond - Oct 27, 2006 at 4:41PM
David Dawson
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Has anyone seen the movie Edmond?  It is carazy.  It is about this man named Edmond (played by William H. Macy) who goes on an insane rampage through the city trying to to change his life and live the way he says he always should have lived.  He gets into a lot of interesting situations and ends up in a lot of trouble.  But it is worth checking out if you haven't .  I found a link to the trailer if you are interested:

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Re: Edmond - Mar 25 2008 4:22PM
Hassan Hashim
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The craziest movie I've ever seen is space odysey 2001 and, KUBRICK is a master of his art, even though the end of full metal jacket lacked the insanity of the beginning. It's intresting idea kubrick presents us with that we are indeed the fish of our solar system. And Jesus was fishers of men... I choose to be ends of disaster, in my life and hopefully others. I wanted to make a musical but lack the mulah I gave it to caesar and God my family made a stand for maybe I'm the one...who'll defeat the son of satan in mr.kings 1 demand, why yes it's true I speak of the stand, cause I do what I can, forever I will!a man is equal to all that exists, the one to continually persist, to ask and learn all the questions, end the disaster,no more tension...always remember when balancing an equation; to count on both sides times 4 plus 1 multiply by zero an the work will be done and maybe you can be the hero!... fun fun nuf I say I shall riddle thee another day!

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