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Physics of Dance - Oct 16, 2006 at 1:05PM
Brett Mattison
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This is a call for any information relating Physics and Dancing. Specificaly how Waltz and Swing could be described or taught in terms of Energy and Momentum? I am doing a research project answering this question and would love any help anyone could give me. Please answer via this thread or, better yet, send me an email at:

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Re: Physics of Dance - Oct 17 2006 3:59PM
Society of Physics...
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Hi, Brett,
I don't know about how much he specifically applies the work to Swing or Waltzing, but Kenneth Laws at Dickinson College has written the book on The Physics of Dance, literally...just google him...

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Editor of The Physics Teacher, and GWU SPS Chapter Advisor

Re: Physics of Dance - Feb 12 2008 7:15PM
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I did a little bit of Google work on your question and I ran across a Physics club that had in the past did a seminar of sorts on the Physics of Swing Dance.  Take a look at their posting and you might be able to send them an email for what type of information they put out.  Have fun with this.  I love watching the swing dance competition on Youtube and have to admit they are brilliant!

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