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Physics of Dance - Oct 16, 2006 at 1:05PM
Brett Mattison
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This is a call for any information relating Physics and Dancing. Specificaly how Waltz and Swing could be described or taught in terms of Energy and Momentum? I am doing a research project answering this question and would love any help anyone could give me. Please answer via this thread or, better yet, send me an email at:

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as i was reading some introductions i was
very excited to see so many physics people
interested in dance.  its one of my favorite
ways to excersize (along with hatha yoga)
and stay in shape.  down here in texas, we
two step alot, but i also ball room dance,
swing (lindy hop, west coast....) and salsa
(although, i was not born with the hips nor
rhythm that alot of others have!).  i cant
wait to learn the merengua this semester.  
but, anyone else interested in swapping
dance stories of tips, come on!

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