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Etymology of "End Station" - Jul 12, 2006 at 10:46AM
Suzanne Parete
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I am writing an article about how the term End Station came to be used in science. I've found lots about subway end stations but not much about how the term came to apply to the research stations on the beam lines of particle accelerators. I have already polled people at SLAC and tried the OED. Can any one point me towards a good resource?

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Re: Etymology of "End Station" - Jul 19 2006 3:27AM
Lyle Avatar
Hilo, HI
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I would recommend first doing a literature search at your campus library.

By searching article and book abstracts for "End Station" using either DIALOG (ask a librarian) or the online links to Web of Science, AIP Scitation, or maybe even History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, you should be able to find very early references to the phrase in the literature.

If you're able to find those early references, and if you're lucky, there may be an explicit statement of who coined the term.  If not, there may be citations that you can track back to a point where the term is defined/initially referenced.


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