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Book Source? - Dec 21, 2003 at 10:44AM
JMDumoit Avatar
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Any suggestions where I might get a good
deal on physics books?  Specifically I''m
looking for a copy of Kleppner''s Mechanics
and Landau Lifhsitz Fluid Dynamics.  I''ve
tried and (both
excellent by the way) and they are still a
bit pricey for an undergrad :)  So I am
just wondering if anyone knows of a good
source out there of which I am unaware?

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books - Dec 23 2003 8:20AM
Society of Physics...
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Steve Kanim, a professor and SPS advisor at New Mexico State, says that you can get UG books about half price from Amazon UK as compared to Amazon US...I don''t know the details but but I know that he has looked into this quite a bit and might have other hints...Gary

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Editor of The Physics Teacher, and GWU SPS Chapter Advisor

- Dec 29 2003 12:40PM
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try - Mar 17 2004 9:54AM
8 Posts helped me out alot.  It's sometimes a hit or miss as to whether a book is being sold, but you get to pick your price (depending on the book quality.)  It's a subset of eBay.  

I'll have to check out the Amazon UK thing, too!

- Mar 19 2004 12:24AM
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you could try looking on ebay.  i've found lots of great and obscure books that way.  most of the time they are old editions, but they work just as well.
happy hunting :)

- Apr 14 2004 5:53PM
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Buy your used book from Excellent site.

try amazon marketplace - May 08 2004 10:22PM
zyxtan Avatar
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When EBAY does not have it, and you still need it fairly quick-Amazon Marketplace used is the way to go.

- May 10 2004 2:37PM
Greg Amenta
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The trick sometimes works.  I remember seeing somewhere that Hassani's Mathematical Physics was much cheaper in the UK (costing about ~$40 new if I remember correctly), but they must have fixed the loophole, 'cause it's now about the same price as it is on American Amazon.  I just checked Marion and Thornton on both sites and the version is about half the's price.  I've also heard about slight differences in international versions of texts, though, so you might want to be careful if the books aren't for self-study (although I haven't seen it first hand, so it may just be FUD).

books - May 13 2004 5:07PM
Arthur E. Michalak
1 Posts has a nice assortment.  I bought a few there.  It is a cross between eBay (part of eBay, if memory serves) and Amazon.



- May 13 2004 11:54PM
Valparaiso Indiana
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The best I've found is combined with Amazon marketplace.  International editions generally run a lot cheaper than the US version of textbooks.

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