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(=D) - Jan 12, 2006 at 11:34PM
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Hey all!!
Deuce-rock back for more massive posting! Let me give ya the motivation for my note, then explain.

I'm the new president of SPS. I was sort of elected by default since no one else wanted it. So, we've been doing really well though! The group sponsored the SPS pumpkin drop. The lower level classes build catchers and examine different considerations in catching a pumpkin from 9 floors up. We're working on a trip to Greenbank's radio telescope for Feb/March. We hosted a luncheons with speakers for the department colloquim. We've doubled membership. We're up to somewhere around 20 members. But... I wanna do more.

So, anyone got some good suggestions?


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Re: (=D) - Jun 08 2007 11:36AM
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I'm from the Univeristy of Wisconsin Platteville chapter of SPS and I've been President for two terms.  One of our popular club socials is our Fall Pizza Party where we pull out our chapter's secret pizza recipe and we make home made pizzas at our advisor's house.  We invite everybody to come and make the pizzas and afterwards we'll watch movies.  It's a good time and we usually get quite a crowd.

Another cool event we've been working on is our Science Fiction Movie Night.  We dig around at the local video store looking for a popular new release or if we can't find that we shoot for the old stuff and do like Mystery Science Theater 3000.  This has always been quite some fun too.

I think you're Pumpkin Drop sounds really awesome.  Do you have any other ideas?

Re: (=D) - Jun 11 2007 4:59PM
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In terms of outreach, there's so much you can do. Get together a physics magic show with demos and take it to elementary schools during their PTA nights; the kids love that stuff and the parents do too! You can also volunteer to tutor physics at high schools or middle schools.

In terms of social activities, picnics with other departments are good. Our department has a long-standing rivalry with the Math department and there's always an annual picnic and volleyball game in the fall. Or find a state park you can camp in, take some binoculars or telescopes and go camping! It's great fun and not that expensive either!

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