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What's up with y'all - Sep 15, 2005 at 12:48PM
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Haven't seen much activity in the forums, so I thought I would prod everyone.  We are about three weeks into our semester, and things have settled down.  I'm teaching an extra class, so I've been extra busy.  We have also had a pretty big impact from Katrina.  We have about 30,000 evacuees in San Antonio (45 miles south), and about 5,000 in Austin (30 miles north).  We have some kids attending our public schools, but I have not heard about any students here at the University.  Our SPS chapter is conducting a drive for relief materials, and so far has put together about 1,000 meals for evacuees, with the number still growing.  It seems like a small amount when compared to the number of evacuees, but every little bit helps.  We are waiting for the weather to cool down, too.  It's still in the mid-90's here.  What's everyone else up to?



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Re: What's up with y'all - Nov 10 2005 6:33PM
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The semester's great!  Unfortunately I would have replied to this email a lot earlier if it hasn't also been a very busy semester.  Senior year in physics has been a busy one.  On top of the physics classes there are numerous grad school essays and applications to prepare, fellowship essays and applications, GRE tests to prep for, Senior thesis and other research, internships to apply for and interview with.  I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, its been a lot of fun and I've learned a lot.  (My wife has also been a great support.)  Just a friendly piece of advice to juniors - you may consider putting some of your applications and essays together in the summer before school starts.  But maybe you guys can handle the load better than I.  Anyway -
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