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Summer Vaction Thoughts - Jun 15, 2005 at 4:36PM
Christy Avatar
Tuscaloosa, AL
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Hi everyone, I hope all is going well. Congratulations to those of you who graduated and took the GRE!!!!

I recently returned from the Executive Committee Meeting for SPS. It was a facinating meeting and I thank you all again for electing me to this position. Being part of the talks about upcoming strategies for SPS a the student point of view was really great.  

Several things were discussed that I wanted to get your opinions on as well:

1) How often would be the ideal timing for Sigma Congresses?? (Excluding the financial and organizational problems on the National SPS side :).)

I think that having a congress every two years would be ideal because then every student would at least get to attend one Congress during their undergraduate career as freshman and sophomores do not always declare their majors or get involved in the department until after their first year or two.

2) Are you excited that 2006 has a theme as 2005 does?? Ben Franklin's Tri-Centennial Celebration will mark 2006 as another stellar year in physics. Ben Franklin was most known in Europe for his science, not his politics when he went to visit.

3) Do you feel that the enthusiasm many of you expressed at the Congress has kept up steam through the year?? Do you have any ideas as to how we could get better communication going between the AZCs??

I think that having a monthly chat for the AZCs on the Nucleus would keep us all in much better touch. It would also keep us connected to each other's events thus keeping us motivated throughout the year. My monthly emails did not seems to have the impact I was hoping :)

Also, any type of regional meetings that are held, do you think we should have mini-AZC meetings there?? This would also keep us in touch at least regionally and help our friendship ties as well. Also, making our presence known at a more National level is always a good thing.


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