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we are weird, and we know it... - Jun 2, 2005 at 11:30PM
truth_quarke8e8 Avatar
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We are the people of physics. By default we are sort of a strange breed, but hey that is a good thing right? I say we embrace our wierdness, and have a little fun as well. This isn't ment to offend anyone and I greatly appologize to anyone if it does. Just having a bit of fun.

Feel free to add, but like I said, nothing offensinve.

You might be a physics geek if...

...your friends are worried you will come back from your summer job radioactive.

...your harddrive is full of "usefull andfun" physics programs and pictures have a favorite physics experiment. start a conversation with the words " I just found out about this really sweet experiment..."

...the funnest thing you did all week involved a subwoofer, a sheet of metal, some glitter, and the words " mode of vibration " have seen some one 'milk a cow' when there wasn't an animal within a mile. have more fun with an empty alcohol bottle, then when it was full. hope a particle accelerator has a gift shop. enjoyed a physics test and even had a favorite problem. have ever said to your girlfried " No I am not calling you fat, I am just saying that you have a strong interaction with the Higgs field." use your life as an example to create a list like this.

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Re: we are weird, and we know it... - Jun 03 2005 6:24PM
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Can tell a physics weirdo at a bar:
writing formulas on a napkin while drinking .. occasionally pausing to look at the girls or guys (whichever your persuasion) going by.

Re: we are weird, and we know it... - Jun 08 2005 2:42PM
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...your friends assume you have been in a lab if they have not seen you in a few days

Re: we are weird, and we know it... - Jun 09 2005 11:51PM
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going by your list, i am clearly a person of physics :-D  

...your sibling wants the latest pop cd for her birthday.  you just want the materials to build a larger telescope.

... you attend lectures at the nearest university for entertainment start conversations with "the coolest thing happened in lab today...!"

... you date a physics or math major

.... you understand and laugh at your physics prof's jokes, and you mean it

Re: we are weird, and we know it... - Oct 01 2006 12:01AM
Steve Buckley
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You forgot:
when you doodle, instead of actually just doodling scribbles, you doodle spherical harmonics equations.
And we're not talking at a bar, or restaurant, we're talking- in church, while the pastor is preaching!

some more for that list - Feb 10 2008 10:34PM
John Barnard
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you might be a physics nerd if:

-when talking about large number you say them in scientific notation

-you tell a friend, "Wow that was intense, like power over area"

-you get excited about a new calculator you got for Christmas

-You show off that your new calculator has reverse polish notation on it

-Conversations consist of quotes from what physics professors have said for the day

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