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Sure we dominate in basketball, but did you know... - Jan 19, 2004 at 3:08PM
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We have a huge number of labs
accessible for undergraduate research.
Whether its biophysics in flavor through the
medical school (i.e. artificial heart, limb
reattachment, etc..) or maybe you might want
to fabricate your own microchip in the clean
room at Speed EE ,maybe travel to SLAC to
work in the accelerator, build nanowires,
simulate the weather on Jupiter, or whatever-
there are tons of opportunities for a
physics undergrad.
      Focus is on theoretics, undergraduate
research and prep for PhD. The program
encourages interdisciplinary application of
your educational experience AND we have a
top notch SPS group that is quite active (we
travel constantly). The faculty to upper
undergrad physics ratio is nearly one to
one, with focus on a wide variety of topics.
Plus it's affordable and accessible to all
who are willing to work hard and learn.
   Housing is affordable-and jobs are easy
to find due to the urban/ industrial
environment the University of Louisville is
surrounded by. Professors are easily
accessible, coop and REU is encouraged.
No,it's not a small school, but,.. its not
huge either-just the right size to have lots
of connections to other schools and
institutions yet you don't feel like a
number/nobody when you go about your daily
business. A great value and a great

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Pitino... - Jan 20 2004 8:03AM
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You guys should be sending the Celtics thank you cards for teaching Pitino he belongs in college ball...

Dodge this.

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