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Supernova May Revise Star Theory - Mar 28, 2009 at 12:33PM
Melanie Markman
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An exploded star fifty times the size of our sun has not turned into a black hole.  Scientists are trying to answer why the star exploded in the first place.  They are also exploring whether or not this super nova has now blown away previous star theory.
Astronomers started to look through images from the Hubble Telescope looking for pictures of this particular star, the NGC266_LBV 1.  Within the images the Hubble has taken they found a picture of the blue star before its explosion, and then two years later in 2007 looked for the same star again only to find none.

The typical finding and accepted theory amongst astronomers is that a star between eight and twenty times more massive than the sun will end in a supernova explosion and turn into a black hole.

It is said that NGC266_LBV 1 exploded during or right after a phase of violent eruption.  The star was still very hydrogen rich.  This also comes as a surprise because a star usually has used up most of its nuclear fuel and has an iron rich core before a supernova blast.

This is making scientists question if stars can explode at different points in their evolution and not just at the end of their lives like stellar theory has said in the past.

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