Coin Toss

Program CoinToss models the repeated tossing of a single coin or the tossing of a large number of identical coins at the same time. The goal of this simulation is to see how the percentage of times that you obtain heads fluctuates and to obtain some feel for how close you come to the expected average after $N$ tosses of a single coin or the toss of $N$ coins at one time.

Problem: Multiple tosses of a single coin

Use Program CoinToss to simulate multiple tosses of a single coin. What is the correspondence between this simulation of a coin being tossed many times and the actual physical tossing of a coin? If the coin is “fair” what do you think the ratio of the number of heads to the total number of tosses will be? Do you obtain this number after 100 tosses? 10,000 tosses?


Problem 3.22 in Statistical and Thermal Physics: With Computer Applications, 2nd ed., Harvey Gould and Jan Tobochnik, Princeton University Press (2021).

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