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Research-based Practices For Effective Clicker Use 

written by C. J. Keller, Noah D. Finkelstein, Katherine K. Perkins, Steven J. Pollock, Chandra Turpen, and Michael Dubson

Adoption of clickers by faculty has spread campus-wide at the University of Colorado at Boulder from one introductory physics course in 2001 to 19 departments, 80 courses, and over 10,000 students. We study common pedagogical practices among faculty and attitudes and beliefs among student clicker-users across campus. We report data from online surveys given to both faculty and students in the Spring 2007 semester. Additionally, we report on correlations between student perceptions of clicker use and the ways in which this educational tool is used by faculty. These data suggest practices for effective clicker use that can serve as a guide for faculty who integrate this educational tool into their courses.

Published November 12, 2007
Last Modified December 1, 2010

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