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Student Perceptions of Physics by Inquiry at Ohio State 

written by Gordon J. Aubrecht, II, Yuhfen Lin, Dedra Demaree, David T. Brookes, and Xueli Zou

Physics by Inquiry (PbI) has been adopted and taught at the Ohio State University for more than a decade. A Q-type instrument, the LPVI, was used to assess students' perceptions of this teaching method and measure the consonance between these and instructors' goals. We present methods of analysis to make use of all the information collected with this survey. In applying the LPVI to different sections of the PbI course, we found many similarities in students' perceptions and also some interesting differences. We also found similarities and differences between students' perceptions and the goals of PbI.

Published February 14, 2006
Last Modified July 9, 2013

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