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Learning Physical Science (LEPS) 

written by Fred Goldberg

Learning Physical Science is a one-semester physical science course focusing on fundamental content themes of physical science (conservation of energy, Newton's laws and the small particle theory) in an integrated way. The course was adapted from the small enrollment guided-inquiry course Physical Science and Everyday Thinking (PSET). During LEPS "lectures" students observe demonstrations of phenomena (either performed by the instructor or shown with movies), make sense of the phenomena through guided questions, and make extensive use of personal response systems (aka clickers). Web based homework assignments focus on extending the ideas learned during class. To promote a focus on the nature of science and the nature of learning students view videos of both college students and elementary school students discussing science and participate in online discussions. There is also an optional laboratory component consisting of guided inquiries of interesting phenomena. During this workshop we will discuss the structure of the course, observe and discuss video from the first pilot implementation (during Fall 2008), and compare LEPS with PSET (large vs small enrollment versions of a similar course).

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