The Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP) Project Documents

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The Student-Centered Activities for Large Enrollment Undergraduate Programs (SCALE-UP) project 

written by Robert J. Beichner
published by the American Association of Physics Teachers
edited by Edward F. Redish and Patrick Cooney

This book chapter presents the goals, structure, curriculum, and technology of the SCALE-UP Project. This project establishes a highly collaborative, hands-on, computer-rich, interactive learning environment for large, introductory college courses.  Lecture and lab are integrated under multiple instructors in a way that provides an effective, economical alternative to traditional lecture-oriented instruction.   Researchers and instructors have collaborated to develop the pedagogy, classroom environment, and teaching materials to support this type of learning.  This chapter focuses on the calculus-based introductory physics course.  In comparisons to traditional instruction, significant increases have been shown in conceptual understanding, improved attitudes, successful problem solving, and higher success rates, particularly for females and minorities.

Published April 1, 2007
Last Modified April 8, 2007

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