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A framework for student reasoning in an interview 

written by Paula V. Engelhardt, Kara E. Gray, Zdeslav Hrepic, Salomon F. Itza-Ortiz, Alicia R. Allbaugh, N. Sanjay Rebello, and Dean A. Zollman

We propose a framework to characterize students' reasoning in an interview. The framework is based on interview data collected by five researchers with different research goals. The participants were enrolled in various introductory physics courses at Kansas State University (KSU). Our framework includes  (e.g. questions asked, verbal, graphic and other cues) from the interviewer and interview environment;  (e.g. memorized or familiar formulae, laws and definitions, prior experiences) that the student brings to the interview; a  encompassing mental processes (e.g. induction, accommodation) that incorporate the inputs and tools; and the  given by the student. We describe how the framework can be used to analyze interview data.

Published September 9, 2004
Last Modified May 11, 2012

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