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Tracker Video Analysis: Person Landing After a Jump 

written by Aaron Titus

This lab uses Tracker 4.0 video analysis software to measure and analyze the center of mass motion of a person landing after a jump. Students measure the acceleration of the person in free-fall and his acceleration while he is landing and slowing down. Students use the data to calculate the force of impact by the floor on the student during the landing. There are two video files:  (1) the student bends his knees a maximum amount during the landing in order to decrease the force of impact by the floor; and (2) the student bends his knees a small amount in order to increase the force of impact on the floor.

The zip file contains two folders: (1) a long time interval during the landing and (2) a short time interval during the landing. Each folder includes the lab handout, a video, and a Tracker 4.0 file. The video was recorded by Aaron Titus at High Point University.

To open the Tracker file, download and run Tracker from Tracker is free.

The videos can be used with other video analysis software; however, the handout has screen captures from Tracker 4.0 and instructions specifically written for Tracker 4.0.

Last Modified June 29, 2011

Supplemental Documents

Person Landing After a Jump Video Analysis Exercise 

Students are asked to measure the force of impact by the floor on a person as he is landing on the floor after he jumps from a table. You will compare the impact force in two different cases: (1) he bends his knees as much as possible and (2) he bends knees a small amount.

Last Modified July 3, 2011

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