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The Quantum Exchange is a web-based repository of resources for teachers of quantum physics and modern physics. This material is meant to supplement and enrich courses based on standard quantum physics textbooks. The materials on this site are selected by the Editors for being high quality educational resources. Further materials are available on the Physical Sciences Resource Center (PSRC).

The materials in this collection have been organized by resource category: Pedagogy, Applications, Background Information, Student Activities, and Tutorials, and by their subject. The collection can be searched by keyword, author, or URL. More detailed searches are also available through the Advanced Search which includes General and Specific topics, Resource Type, and Grade Level. Advanced search also allows users to search other ComPADRE collections, including the PSRC.

The Quantum Exchange includes information about classroom uses and educational impact of selected materials. In addition, links between related materials are displayed with descriptions of how the items are related. The Editors of the collection will provide as much of this information as possible to enhance the usability of these resources.

Users of the Quantum Exchange are encouraged to participate by suggesting materials for the collection, sharing comments, and building personal collections of materials they find most useful. Although anyone may search the database, this additional participation requires the creation of a user account, which is free and requires only a name and email address.

The Quantum Exchange is a service provided by the American Association of Physics Teachers. It is supported, in part, by the National Science Foundation.

Quantum Exchange Contacts

Managing Editor:
Dr. Bruce Mason
Technical Lead:
Lyle Barbato

You can contact the Quantum Exchange staff using either the feedback form or through the email editor@thequantumexchange.org.