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written by Julio Gea-Banaloche
This animation shows the quantum analogy of a classical bouncing ball moving in a gravitational field, without dissipation. The video shows the wave packet motion next to the ball.  A graph of the expectation value of the quantum ball versus time is provided that illustrates the dispersion and later reforming of the quantum wave packet.
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Quantum Physics
- Probability, Waves, and Interference
- Scattering and Unbound Systems
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© 1998 Julio Gea-Banaloche
quantum barrier, quantum bounce, wavepacket
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Author: Oskar Xofre
Posted: August 9, 2013 at 12:17PM

I would love to see the videos in your Library, including the ones from the Perimeter Institute; but, the video format is not supported by my iPad. Flash format is not supported by Apple.
Would it be and incredible task to get some students to quickly make copies of these videos in other formats for Apple an Android machines? It's an easy task, it would also require  to slightly modify your web page to include the choices of format.
Unless all these material is available in another site , for otherr fromats.



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