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OSP: Quantum-mechanical Measurement 

written by Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian

This set of quantum mechanics java applets, part of the Open Source Physics project, provides simulations that demonstrate the effect of measurement on the time-dependence of quantum states.  Exercises are available that demonstrate the results of measurement of energy, position, and momentum on states in potential wells (square well, harmonic oscillator, asymmetric well, etc). Eigenstates, superpositions of eigenstates, and wave packets can all be studied. Tutorials are also available. The material stresses the measurement of a quantum-mechanical wave function.   The simulations can be delivered either through the OSP Launcher interface or embedded in html pages.

The source code is available, and users are invited to contribute to the collection's development by submitting improvements.  

The simulations are available through the "View attached documents" link below.

Released under a Copyright, Mario Belloni and Wolfgang Christian. This material is made available free of charge consistent with the GNU General Public License. Details are available on the Open Source Physics website, http://www.opensourcephysics.org

Published June 26, 2006
Last Modified July 30, 2010

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