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OPPS: Light Interactions with Matter
written by Gayle Kirwin
This is a guide for an introductory workshop on geometric optics and the ray model of light.  It was developed to provide K-8 teachers with an inquiry-based learning experience for exploring light reflection and refraction, concave and convex lenses, and absorption.  The workshops have been discontinued, but teachers may now freely download all the materials and work at an individual pace.  Upon completion, it is anticipated that teachers will be better prepared to introduce concepts involving mirror reflection, magnification, prisms, simple lenses, and the Greenhouse Effect.    

This item is part of Operation Primary Physical Science (OPPS), an NSF-funded project to create science workshops for elementary teachers.
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light absorption, light emission, ray optics, reflection, refraction
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Topic: Nature and Behavior of Light
Unit Title: Ray Optics -- Reflection and Refraction of Light

Instructor's Manual
Need ideas for some great classroom activities on light reflection and refraction?  This resource created by Operation Primary Physical Science (OPPS) gives you free access to an instructor's guide on the interaction of light and matter.  It was originally intended as in-service training for elementary teachers, but the materials are now available for free download.  Learn how to set up inquiry-based labs on prisms, mirror reflection, magnification, light refraction, and image formation through lenses.  For rubrics, assessments, and answer keys to go with these activities, contact The Physics Front editors.

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OPPS: Light Interactions with Matter:

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