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published by the Space Science Institute
This free computer game created by the Space Science Institute displays a "golf course" as a magnetic field and the golf ball as a proton. These charged particles interact with the magnetic fields around them, sometimes in surprising ways. The goal of the game is to guide your proton golf balls through different magnetic field configurations to sink your putt. This resource aims to enhance understanding of how protons move within a plasma, the state of matter that shoots off the surface of the Sun after a solar flare. The game allows students to visualize what is happening at the nuclear level as the plasma particles interact with fields. Key takeaways: 1) Protons can orbit around magnetic field lines but can't cross them; 2) Earth's magnetic field configuration deflects most of the solar wind particles; 3) Electric fields can cause proteins to "drift" across magnetic lines; 4) The solar wind stretches Earth's dipole into a tail; 5) Waves in Earth's magnetic field can knock particles into the polar regions; 6) Speed of the particle doesn't matter -- its drift is controlled by the strength of electric and magnetic fields.
Editor's Note: This game is a great way to help students navigate the behavior of charged particles in a magnetic field, a topic that can be mystifying when studied in a textbook.
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magnetic field drift, plasma behavior
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