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The Animated Chalkboard 2006: Motion 1
written by Richard Tarara
This zip file download contains a package of 22 Windows-based physics animations on velocity, acceleration, friction, momentum, rotational frames, and more. It was created as an Animated Chalkboard series, allowing educators to freely display the animations within their own presentations. They were created to give students clear depictions of various physical phenomena. Many animations plot motions graphically as they are shown, with the teacher controlling the pacing. The folder includes explicit instructions on how to integrate the animations in Power Point Presentations.

Please note that this resource requires MS-Windows.
Subjects Levels Resource Types
Classical Mechanics
- Applications of Newton's Laws
- Gravity
- Linear Momentum
- Motion in One Dimension
- Motion in Two Dimensions
- Relative Motion
= Moving Reference Frames
= Rotating Reference Frames
Education Practices
- Instructional Material Design
= Activity
= Demonstration
- Technology
= Distance Education
= Multimedia
Oscillations & Waves
- Oscillations
= Simple Harmonic Motion
- High School
- Lower Undergraduate
- Instructional Material
= Activity
= Curriculum support
= Interactive Simulation
- Audio/Visual
= Movie/Animation
Appropriate Courses Categories Ratings
- Physics First
- Conceptual Physics
- Algebra-based Physics
- AP Physics
- Activity
- New teachers
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© 2006 R.W. Tarara
Free for non-commercial, educational use only.
CART, FRICTION, Ferris wheel, Kepler laws, Nell, Newton’s tower, WORK, acceleration, angle, collisions, downloadable software, efficiency, elevator, friction, gravity, hanger, incline, photo-realistic laboratory simulation, physics lab simulator, rotor ride, shoot the monkey, simple harmonic motion, simple machine, space station, spring, throw energy, throw forces, trajectories, trip, tunnel, velocity, vertical throw, weights
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The Animated Chalkboard 2006: Motion 1:

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