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Problem Based Learning: Bungee Jumping Relations

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Problem Based Learning: Bungee Jumping is part of Problem Based Learning for College Physics
relation created by Lyle Barbato

This is the full collection of Problem-Based Learning activities compiled and written by the same authors. Topics include kinematics, dynamics, work and energy, circular motion, and conservation of energy.

Problem Based Learning: Bungee Jumping is supplemented by Modular Approach to Physics: Simple Harmonic Motion - Weighted Spring
relation created by Caroline Hall

For the beginning student, this is a very simple simulation of a weighted vertical spring in simple harmonic motion. Users can adjust spring constant, mass, and amplitude with sliders or by entering exact values. Though the motion of a bungee jump is more complicated, this applet could serve as a concept-builder before introducing the bungee jumping PBL activity.

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