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Nature of Light: Unit-Grades 7-8  (3 resources, 6 subfolders)
This is a 7-day model unit that explores fundamental properties of light in a multimedia approach. It draws upon recent education research on adolescents' understanding of light, which indicates that middle school students have very little comprehension of the nature of light and multiple firmly-held misconceptions about the topic. The research recommends teaching about light and the electromagnetic spectrum before teaching about vision, color, or lenses.  In this unit, students discover that light is much more than what we perceive with our eyes; it is part of a huge spectrum that includes UV, infrared, x-ray, radio waves, and gamma rays.  They will get hands-on exposure to reflection, refraction, diffraction, and more.

SEE FOLDERS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE for day-by-day lesson plans, data sheets, warm-up questions, and assessments.
There's More to Light Than Meets the Eye -- Content Support for Teachers
Great resource for both teachers and students.  Gives straightforward background information on the nature of light in the language of a non-physicist, provides real-life examples, and tips for explaining the concepts to students.
OPPS: Nature of Light -- An Instructor's Guide
A comprehensive teachers' guide on the nature of light.  This resource was developed by the Operation Primary Physical Science project as a workshop for K-8 teachers.  All the materials are now available for free download, including teaching tips, inquiry-based classroom activities, and worksheets.  It does an especially good job of explaining underlying concepts to support teacher content knowledge.
Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics & You: The Nature of Electromagnetic Radiation
This tutorial provides teachers with background information on the electromagnetic spectrum and electromagnetic radiation. Written with clarity for the non-physicist, the tutorial covers everything from high frequency gamma rays through X-rays, ultraviolet light, infrared radiation and microwaves to very low frequency radio waves.

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