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Counting cracks in glass gives speed of projectile - May 08, 2013

Simple relationship between velocity and number of spokes in star-shaped fracture

published by Science News

New Exploratorium Opens in San Francisco - Apr 17, 2013

Science is comprehended not through abstract principles but through concrete experience. It is revealed not through speculation but through manipulation. We learn by exploring. two recently released free Exploratorium apps for iPads, one dealing with sound, the other with color. They show with compact simplicity how even commonplace sensations become sources of insight. Or look at the Exploratorium itself: drink deep from the water fountain shaped like a toilet. Sit in a chair holding a spinning bicycle wheel. See whether you and three other visitors with incomplete controls can collaborate on a game of Pac-Man. Wear a set of headphones that seems to swap your right and left ears. Climb into a kaleidoscope. It imbues a childhood wonder we all are born with - an excitement for science.

published by NYT

Scientists quietly announce a potentially huge discovery in physics - Apr 16, 2013

While there's still a lot of uncertainty about the nature of dark matter, it feels like physicists are closing in on the answer.

published by Houston Chronicle

MIT HS Physics Open Courseware - Apr 07, 2013

MIT has selected relevant material from their introductory courses to support students as they study and educators as they teach the AP* Physics curriculum.

published by MIT

Physics242 - Jan 17, 2013

This is an experienced AP Physics Teacher's Blog

published by Danielle Spaete, Blogmaster

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