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Mobile Device Models ` - Aug 20, 2021

Turn your smartphone into a robust tool for data collection! This resource provides 8 simulations that use a mobile device accelerometer to sense motion.

Coding in High School Physics and Physical Science ` - Aug 20, 2021

This ComPADRE Book contains a list of resources and community projects for integrating coding into high school physics and physical sciences classes. Anyone who knows of other similar resources are encouraged to contact the editor about adding them to this list.

Vernier: Experiment and Sample Data Library ` - Aug 20, 2021

Online library of physics experiments and data files that can be used as the lab component of an online class.

PhET HTML5 Simulations ` - Aug 20, 2021

Did you know PhET now has more than 100 simulations converted to HTML5? And that's a reason to cheer!

Interactive Video Vignettes ` - Apr 19, 2021

IVV combines video analysis and conceptual physics questions, each designed to promote understanding of difficult concepts.

Desmos Graphing Calculator ` - Jun 1, 2020

Versatile online calculator lets you view multiple graphs on one grid, create your own interactive graph, and easily embed your creation.

The Nebraska Astronomy Applet Project: Online Labs for Introductory Astronomy ` - Apr 3, 2020

Planning a unit on Astronomy? Don't miss these simulation-based modules. Superior quality, fun, and adaptable for grades 11-12. Includes assessments.

Concord Consortium: Energy2D - Interactive Heat Transfer Simulations for Everyone ` - Nov 1, 2019

Free simulation tool developed to help students grasp underlying concepts necessary to approach and solve heat transfer problems.

Virtual Microscope ` - Dec 20, 2018

Robust free tool to explore high-resolution images produced by electron, fluorescence, and atomic force microscopes. Datasets are shared via Java RE.

PhET Circuit Construction Kit: DC - Virtual Lab ` - Dec 20, 2018

Do you like the PhET Circuit Construction Kit DC, but want to use only in-line ammeters? This is the sim for you! Now available in HTML 5.

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