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Nerve Science - Using Gelatin Circuits to Explore How Neurons Work ` - Nov 16, 2017

Integrate physics and biology in this lab, inspired by an article in The Physics Teacher magazine. Students model signal transmission along an axon by using vinyl tubing filled with salted gelatin.

NASA ARES Project: Exploring Meteorite Mysteries ` - Nov 16, 2017

Outstanding collection of 19 lesson plans to explore meteorites and their effects upon impact with Earth. Meets multiple NGSS standards for Earth Science and Physical Science.

Cultural Astronomy -- Bringing the Heavens to Earth ` - May 31, 2017

This cross-curricular module from the Adler Planetarium explores astronomy from the cultural context of past societies and their observations of the heavens.

PBS Learning Media: Why Do Snowflakes Come in So Many Shapes and Sizes? ` - Dec 15, 2016

Multimedia lesson lets kids build an apparatus to create their own snow crystals. Simulations help them visualize the forces that interact at the molecular scale to create these wonders of nature.

Science NetLinks: Exploring Pendulums ` - Sep 10, 2016

Lesson for Grades 6-12 helps students understand how gravitational forces act on objects by exploring the motion of pendulums.

Direct Measurement Video: Wave Properties ` - Jun 2, 2016

This resource features high-resolution video for interactive exploration of mechanical wave properties, plus link to a complete lesson plan.

TeachEngineering: Using Spectral Data to Explore Saturn ` - Mar 23, 2016

Using authentic data from the Cassini mission, students compare the chemical composition of Earth, Saturn, and Titan. Package includes lesson, worksheet with answer key, Power Point warm-up, and Flash interactive activity.

PhET: Gas Laws Lesson Plan ` - Mar 23, 2016

This lesson plan is a companion to the simulation "Gas Properties" and includes a series of questions, graphs and tasks with student worksheets available.

Body Science: Calculating Body Fat Percentage ` - Jan 5, 2016

Integrate physics and biology in this high school lab that employs sausages as model "cadavers" for calculating fat content as a percentage of total mass.

PhET Teacher Activities: My Solar System-Gravity Lab ` - Jan 3, 2016

This lesson gives kids explicit guidance in using the PhET simulation My Solar System to investigate factors that influence gravity.

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