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PhET: Teacher Ideas and Activities-Wave Unit ` - Dec 28, 2017

Standards-based unit on wave interactions created by a high school teacher for use with PhET simulations. Great use of multimedia!

Nerve Science - Using Gelatin Circuits to Explore How Neurons Work ` - Nov 16, 2017

Integrate physics and biology in this lab, inspired by an article in The Physics Teacher magazine. Students model signal transmission along an axon by using vinyl tubing filled with salted gelatin.

NASA ARES Project: Exploring Meteorite Mysteries ` - Nov 16, 2017

Outstanding collection of 19 lesson plans to explore meteorites and their effects upon impact with Earth. Meets multiple NGSS standards for Earth Science and Physical Science.

UPC Science: The Real Prize Inside ` - Sep 10, 2017

Promote understanding of scientific inquiry as students analyze patterns in UPC barcodes to figure out their "language".

Eclipse Science: Modeling Eclipses in the Solar System ` - May 31, 2017

Blend physics and Earth/Space science to build a physical model that explores the geometry of eclipse events. Appropriate for Grades 6-10.

Rocket Science: Using Conservation of Energy to Predict Max Height ` - May 31, 2017

Using TARC-approved model rockets, this lesson blends physics and engineering as students use thrust curves to predict maximum height.

Cultural Astronomy -- Bringing the Heavens to Earth ` - May 31, 2017

This cross-curricular module from the Adler Planetarium explores astronomy from the cultural context of past societies and their observations of the heavens.

Fermilab: Data-based Investigations ` - Dec 15, 2016

Investigations to support core proficiencies via use of data available through national laboratories. Activities include Top Quark Mass, Investigating Special Relativity, Cosmic Ray e-Lab, Search for Higgs, and Sloan Sky Server Project.

PBS Learning Media: Why Do Snowflakes Come in So Many Shapes and Sizes? ` - Dec 15, 2016

Multimedia lesson lets kids build an apparatus to create their own snow crystals. Simulations help them visualize the forces that interact at the molecular scale to create these wonders of nature.

Navigational Vectors ` - Oct 14, 2016

This unique and highly engaging project provides opportunities for students to apply understanding of vectors as they learn airplane navigation by tracking airplanes flying in U.S. skies.

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