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Grades 9-12

Wave Energy: High School Physics Units - Mar 7, 2012

Want to go beyond the textbook and teach more about the nature and behavior of waves? See multimedia resources on mechanical waves, reflection/refraction, frequency/amplitude, interference, and the physics of sound.

High School

Light and Matter Interactions - Scaffolded Simulations - Feb 15, 2012

This is one of our favorite resources for helping students visualize the interactions of light with matter. They will view models, create virtual photon beams, and generate an absorption spectrum.

Teachers' Domain: Creating a Hypothesis-The Intelligent Robot - Nov 15, 2011

This simple activity addresses a number of national science standards in a fun and engaging way. Expect lively discussions about the implications of intelligent robots, which helps students realize that a valid hypothesis takes into account not only relevant facts, but also the future consequences of a proposed action.

Grades 5-8

Physical Science: Teaching About Energy - Nov 14, 2011

Understanding the Law of Conservation of Energy and energy transfer is easier if students can view models or simulations and create dynamic charts to view the processes in action. This is a set of editor-selected web resources to help teachers embed these resources into lessons.


Physics First: Measurement and the Language of Physics - Sep 1, 2011

On this page, you'll find 30+ of our favorite resources for teaching a unit on measurement. All are appropriate for a Physics First course.


Kinematics -- The Physics of Motion - Sep 1, 2011

On this page, you'll find a focused "mini-collection" for high school physics on the topic of motion. It contains 60+ of our favorite online resources for teaching about graphing, vectors, motion in 1 and 2 dimensions, circular motion, and frames of reference. You can find lesson plans, simulations/animations, interactive tutorials, labs, and content support.

Middle School/High School

Teachable Moments: The 2011 Japan Earthquake - Mar 17, 2011

Compelling collection of resources on the recent earthquake/tsunami that struck northern Japan. You'll find tectonic maps, computer animations, seismograms, aerial and ground photos, Power Point slides for teachers, news footage, and preliminary rupture models.

Noise Generated Ocean Waves - Mar 1, 2011

Understanding optical rogue waves can help to explain the oceanic phenomenon. It could, in the future, enable us to predict when and where oceanic waves form. Read more about this strange phenomenon.

High School

Conceptual Physics: Heat & Temperature - Feb 15, 2011

Here are 20 of our favorite resources for teaching about heat and thermal energy in the preparatory physics classroom.

Stupid or Smart? - Jan 6, 2011

This very short video clip highlights several dangerous hobbies/pasttimes and asks students to explain if they would do any of these and why.

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