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NASA: Goldilocks and the Three Planets ` - Oct 30, 2023

Great interactive resource for blending math and space science! Kids explore atmospheric gases for Earth, Mars, and Venus w/data from real space missions.

PhET Simulation: Hooke's Law ` - Oct 30, 2023

Here's a mobile-friendly PhET sim to help students make connections among force, spring constant, displacement, and potential energy in a spring.

Energy of a Magnetic Field ` - Oct 30, 2023

This lesson uses common magnets and the MagnaAR phone app to map vectors and field strength of a magnetic field.

Sunspot Science: Measuring the Frequency and Period of Sunspots ` - May 24, 2023

Use time-stamped images from NASA's Solar Heliospheric Observatory to analyze patterns in sunspot activity, then apply these findings to calculate period of a solar cycle.

Periscope Video Lessons ` - May 23, 2023

This robust free PD collection fuses research-based best practices in physics education with authentic short videos that apply the practices in the classroom.

Star Spectra Science: Using Balloons and Buttons to Model Spectroscopy ` - May 23, 2023

This lesson blends physics and Earth Science as students explore star spectra using a physical model made of balloons and buttons.

Voice Science: Using Digital Tools to Explore Pitch and Amplitude ` - Jan 1, 2023

Looking for an interactive way to visualize sound waves? This AAPT Digi Kit blends an oscilloscope app with a digital wave grapher to explore human voice patterns.

DNA Science: Modeling Rosalind Franklin's Discovery with a Pen Spring ` - Jan 1, 2023

Integrate physics/biology in this HS diffraction lab that lets students model the work of Rosalind Franklin in discovering the structure of DNA.

HHMI: DNA Multimedia Collection ` - Jan 1, 2023

Connect physics to biology with this engaging set of videos, sims, and activities to explore DNA structure. Includes DNA coding, transcription/translation, CRISPR tech, mutations, and more.

Physics Classroom: Graphs and Ramps Interactive ` - Sep 11, 2022

Try this newer interactive from The Physics Classroom. Can you build a ramp with the right configurations to match the given Position vs Time or Velocity vs Time graph? As you earn stars for correctly designing the ramps, you will be learning how why p/t and v/t graphs appear as they do.

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