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Computational Modeling in Physics First Bootstrap Our Top Picks

Computational Modeling in Physics First Bootstrap
Grade Level: Grades 9-10

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Physlet Physics - Mechanics 3E
Physlet Physics - Mechanics 3E
Physlet Physics Section 1 (Mechanics) is now mobile and tablet-friendly! Each chapter features three resource types: Illustrations, Explorations, and…

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Desmos Graphing Calculator
Desmos Graphing Calculator
Versatile online calculator lets you view multiple graphs on one grid, create your own interactive graph, and easily embed your creation.

Teaching Modules

Analog-To-Digital Science: Modeling Binary Coding and the CD Read System
5-day module for HS Physics uses modeling and hands-on investigation to explore how digital signals are created from analog information. Lessons can be adapted for a variety of learning levels from Physics First to Algebra-Based Physics courses.

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