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Section 12.6: Exploring Other Spatially-varying Wells

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In this Exploration there are four spatially-varying wells to consider:

  1. Double harmonic oscillator well: a harmonic oscillator with Vadded = 10Vaexp(−10x2)
  2. Double anharmonic oscillator well: an anharmonic oscillator, V(x) = V0x4, with Vadded = −10Vax2
  3. Gaussian well: V = −Vexp(−αx2)
  4. Finite well with an applied electric field: Vadded = eE

For each well, you may change parameters associated with the well's shape. To see the other bound states, simply click-drag in the energy level diagram on the left to select a level. The selected level will turn red. As you do so, answer the following question for each well: How does changing the variable parameter(s) change the energy eigenfunctions and the energy levels?

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