About the AAPT/ComPADRE Digital Library

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ComPADRE is the Digital Library for the educational resources used by educators, researchers, and students in physics and astronomy. This service of the American Association of Physics Teachers is designed to help teachers and learners find, and use, high quality resources through web-based collections and services tailored to their specific needs.

Around the world, authors and organizations are creating rich educational content but wider accessibility and dissemination are needed. Authors are developing simulations, curricula, and multimedia for a wide range of physics and astronomy topics and all education levels; science education researchers are developing research-based methods for effective teaching and learning; organizations are providing workshops for teachers to improve their knowledge and skills; and students are communicating about learning physics. ComPADRE and the AAPT supports these author/user communities through discovery, organization, description, and sharing. The goal is to achieve greater effectiveness for physics and astronomy education.

The ComPADRE structure is both distributed and centralized; it combines the creation of multiple community-focused collections to meet user needs with the provision of a central infrastructure for economy and scalability. This is analogous to the central services provided by a professional society that publishes multiple journals for a number of specific research communities. The ComPADRE collections focus on the needs of specific communities for high quality materials selected and organized specifically for their members. These collections "speak the users' language". ComPADRE's central services support these specialized collections, reduce duplication, and provide interoperability and resource sharing.

Take a moment and explore our collections or search the central library.

ComPADRE People

Bruce Mason - University of Oklahoma
David Wolfe - Director of Communications
Lyle Barbato - Technical Lead
Caroline Hall - Contributing Editor
Matt Riggsbee - Web Designer
Terrence Hunt - Web Developer
Erwin Campbell - Director of Technology & Information Systems