Help: The Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet Overview

The Filing Cabinet is your own personal storage system where you can create folders and organize "bookmarks" for later use. Filing Cabinets are provided to all registered ComPADRE users and your cabinet will be available from all ComPADRE collections.

Bookmarking is easy, and you may attach personal notes to saved resources. And if you need to make a change, it's easy to rename, move, or delete your folders and bookmarks.

Your cabinet may be kept private or shared with colleagues and students. Having a shared cabinet is especially useful for instructors who are creating online assignments and homework help. If you share a folder, only YOU can edit the notes or manage the bookmarks in that folder.

Viewing your Filing Cabinet

Only registered users have access to the Filing Cabinet. Each folder within a filing cabinet may be kept private or shared with other users. Private folders may only be viewed by you. Shared folder contents are viewable by other registered ComPADRE users.

To view folder(s) and bookmarked items within your filing cabinet, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Compadre Portal at and login.
  2. Click the Filing Cabinet link on the top right of the page.
  3. Select a folder to view by clicking on it. The number to the right of each folder heading indicates how many resources are in that folder.
    Filing cabinet folders
  4. To view details and bibliographic information of a bookmarked item, click the details hyperlink.
    Details page of a bookmarked item